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“How would you like to get personal coaching from a former ATP & WTA Grand Slam Tennis Coach.”

Who Came From a Working Class Background and Went on To Become

One of The Top 5 Professional ATP & WTA Tennis Coaches in The World . . .

Former Coach to Professional Player Amelie Mauresmo . . . AND . . .

Former Coach to Professional Player Marcos Baghdatis . . .

Certified Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), USA & FRANCE

Should You Hire Me To Be Your Coach?

Before we dive into specifics, if you are considering possibly coaching with me, I think the most helpful thing would be to hear what some of my other coaching & consulting clients are saying in their own words about the type of results they have achieved working together - and what it is like coaching with me:

Here's What Actual Clients Are Saying:

"I really took my destiny into my own hands

once and for all when I hired Warwick Bashford ...

as my private coach. I was the only one in my age group to take that step. I had plunged, and now I had to swim! But a few months later, I saw results: a change had definitely occurred. It actually wasn't all tennis related. A lot of it was psychological. Learning to take risks taught me how to move forward."

Amelie Mauresmo, France - Former WTA world #1,

French Fed Cup Captain & Coach of current ATP world #3, Andy Murray.

"Warwick is a true professional ..."

"And the results his athletes achieve are top notch. He is very friendly and easy to work with. One would be challenged to find quality equal to that which Warwick offers."

Shannon Hernandez - Tampa, FL.

Benefit Solutions Strategist & Wellness Educator.

"Warwick teaches like no other tennis coach ..."

"He's an expert at teaching tennis at any level, and he also knows how to communicate with different personalities to motivate them to be successful. Warwick takes his teaching to heart. He doesn't just teach tennis skills. He teaches life skills! He will teach you how to get Mentally Tough in whatever you do."

Debbie Stevenson - Denver, CO. Wellness Expert.

We Can Focus On Your Business Goals or Start With A Specific Area In Your Life:

Whether you’d like help focusing on your overall business – or a specific area or project in your life, that’s up to you. When we first start working together, I’ll have you answer a series of questions designed to set our priorities and outline a plan of action for the next 30-90 days. Some of the areas in which I can offer you the most help include:

1. Mental Toughness Training:

I’ve been a high performance tennis coach for over 20 years working with some incredible talent, and have taken this philosophy into the world of business and life.  Since then I’ve made some amazing discoveries and drawn some incredible parallels between sports, business and life.

It’s these discoveries that have shaped my approach to guiding business owners and executives to becoming the best they can be, and instilling the ‘True’ champion attitude across all areas of their life and work, into each department, and influencing the performance of everyone involved in the growth of the company.

In sports, business and in life, I've realized that it only takes small shifts to make a huge difference. I have seen first hand how one adjustment can separate a "True Champion" from a "Contender." This is the same for Corporations, Winning Wimbledon, or Anything that is important to us. I have a simple process that can help any group or person excel.

Here are what a few clients have said about the results we’ve gotten in terms of their mental toughness training:

"My son adores Warwick and  cannot wait to get on the court with him . . ."

"I’ve known Warwick for several years, primarily in his capacity as the coach of my son.  His coaching with my son is unparalleled due to Warwick’s infectious enthusiasm, unmatched technical/mental expertise and humble style that is endearing to all in which he comes in contact.   He is the most conscientious tennis professional with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with."

Randall Hester - Los Angeles, CA. Senior Human Resources Executive.

"Warwick Bashford is a unique tennis coach. . . ."

"His clinics are not standard, one-size-fits-all drills; rather, they are customized tutorials based upon your individual needs, what happened the previous week in match play and a longer view of how to build one week upon the other.  His insights into both the mechanics and psychological elements of my game were remarkable."

 "Coach Warwick finds the inner champion in each player he coaches whatever their initial skill level. To him it is all about developing the potential in each individual and taking them as far as they can go."

"Warwick changes your technique as a by-product of a larger, more significant change in your attitude about tennis and about yourself as a winner.  He doesn’t push you to get it right; but pulls from you the desire for excellence."

Rob Smith - Los Angeles, CA. Senior Marketing & Business Consultant.

2. Learn to Think Like Professional Athletes in High Pressure, High Performance Situations:

This is where I’ve invested my 10,000 hours. Why knowing the mental toughness process will change your life forever! - by training your mind to find solutions to difficult problems or struggles and maximize your true potential . . .

At 19 years of age, I decided to live and train in France to fulfill my dream to become a professional tennis player. At the time, I had little money for living and travelling expenses. I had to be content to live out of my van and eat when I could afford it. In other words - when I won a tournament! On top of things, I could not speak French and communicating was not easy.

After 15 years of what I thought was a strong marriage, ended in a bitter divorce. I was helpless and ended up losing custody of my 3 very young precious children. I ended up living on the streets of Paris, France and losing my sense of identity in a foreign country.

I learned how to not survive, but to thrive and become unstoppable. For the past 10 years I have made the art and science of mental toughness my everyday focus. Some of the areas, I can really help groups or individuals grow & excel include:

  • Lead with a Mental Toughness formula that is proven to achieve results
  • Believe in your self to achieve a dream no matter what is happening around you
  • Increase Sales performance by creating a Win/Win High Performance Environment
  • Influence staff & team managers to achieve higher standards of success
  • Unlock the key to boosting your motivation & self confidence
  • Discover the success principles that raise employee satisfaction
  • Enhance ability to perform during organizational change
  • Increase retention rates of your valued performers
  • Realize you don’t have to be an athlete to be a True Champion

3. Realize You Don’t Have To Be an Athlete to Become Mentally Tough:

I can also help you EVEN if you never played sports – or are thinking about how to get started. After moving from South Africa to Europe as a young boy, then back and fourth from Europe to the Unites States, (3 times) becoming fluent in French, (against all odds) and launching two of my OWN successful businesses, I ‘ve since coached dozens of groups & individuals through the same process.

Whether you’re looking to improve your self confidence, banish procrastinating beliefs, or are considering a specific area or project in your life, getting through college, improving your company’s retention rates, I can walk you through the process step-by-step – along with showing you how having the right mindset will make you or your organization excel!

Name any emotional toughness problem, I have seen it. In my own life and in clients’ professional or personal lives. I have a simple process to get you through the fear and overwhelm by thinking like a True Champion.

I know what separates ‘True Champions’ from ‘Contenders’ that don’t stand a chance out of the gates.

"Warwick Bashford is a someone who really walks the talk . . ."

"He is a genuine guy. A visionary and a thought leader, his impeccable set of values, stringent regimen of health and fitness, and insistence on quality, have earned him admiration by me and his peers. His Mental Toughness training will lead you to greatness."

Ruben Gonzalez - Colorado, USA (4 Time Winter Olympian)

Why Should You Hire Me Specifically?

One of the things you should be asking yourself when deciding to work with me as your personal coach is this:

Has this person walked the talk – transforming the qualities of individuals & groups lives, whether it being peak performance athletes, coaches, world class entertainers, celebrities, teachers, youths, parents and businesses. In other words, have they been successful doing something other than simply teaching others how to be successful?

"Warwick Bashford is one of few Tennis Professionals

with real integrity and a genuine persona  . . ."

"Warwick knows the game of tennis and how to advance the Junior tennis player to achieve their highest goals possible."

Marysue Catlin - Florida, USA. 

Recreational Facilities & Services Professional.

I founded and created Championship Mindset and Tennis Mental Toughness outside the professional tennis arena . . .

As you probably already know, I’m someone who founded and created Championship Mindset and Tennis Mental Toughness outside the professional tennis arena, serving hundreds of clients from 4 continents around the globe.

I Know What It’s Like to Get Through the Tough Times…

I also know what it REALLY takes to be successful when you’re starting from nothing in a foreign country or struggling to believe in yourself – and when money is tight and you’re living through your “baguette & cheese sandwich” days.

In fact, just recently I was given what we believed to be an amazing opportunity to live and work in Corsica, France. Thus, our family sold up everything here in the US. This was very difficult, especially since we were also financing all relocation expenses.

After just three months, we realized we had been mislead and my family was ready to return to the US. The only problem; I had made a commitment for 12 months! The following nine months was an incredible challenge, a  struggle that tested everything I knew about the mental toughness process. We ended up fulfilling our end of the contract, but were mentally and emotionally drained! Despite the unstable situation I had put my family through and after using most of our life's  savings, we still managed to find a way to return to the US!

Why Do I offer Private Coaching?

First and foremost, I enjoy it. I mean, I really, really enjoy it. And if you talk to one of my clients, they’ll tell you they can TELL I enjoy it. Part of me loves to teach, mentor and guide people.

There is nothing more gratifying to me than helping athletes reach their peak ... to increase sales performances, enhance the ability to perform during organizational change within your corporation, increase retention rates of your valued performers, elevate engagement scores and achieve higher overall job satisfaction by creating a compelling vision for your future ?… or enabling individuals or groups go from “good to great.” ... helping someone increase their self esteem and confidence. The list goes on ...

 In fact, here’s what one of my clients, Suzi has to say in that respect:

"Warwick has not only the heart and wisdom of a True Champion,

he has what it takes as a coach to get the job done . . ."

"I have been collaborating with Warwick Bashford for awhile now. Integrity and character are the two words that I would use to sum Warwick up."

Suzi Nelsen - Corporate Group & Incentive Travel Specialist. 

How The Coaching Process Works

Coaching is done in person, over the phone or via Skype. Because we’ll often be discussing confidential results and information (which I don’t publicly reveal), you are allowed to record our calls for your own private use only.

Before we start working together, I’ll ask you to answer a series of questions about your business objectives or your life goals designed to help me understand where you are. From there, we’ll establish a game - plan and decide where we should place our initial focus. We’ll move fast – and we’ll get a lot done together.

Here’s How to Sign - Up Now

Spots are made available on a first - come, first - served basis. If the links below have been disabled, then it means that I’m currently fully-booked up. If spots are available, simply choose whether you’d like to sign up for one of the options below.

NOTE: After clicking one of the links below, you’ll be redirected to a checkout page where you will be asked to enter your billing information. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be redirected to a page with instructions for setting up our first session as well as my private email address. I’ll also ask you to answer a series of starter questions to help me understand your current business and/or life goals to kick-start our work together.

I’m very much looking forward to working together.

Profile pic for Coach TubeMy warmest regards,

Warwick Bashford

Internationally recognized as one of the world’s best tennis coaches, Warwick Bashford is considered by tennis enthusiasts around the globe as “Le Head Coach” (master/teacher) of tennis and life coaching.

An artist in his own time, Warwick has achieved the kind of worldwide acclaim reserved for only a handful of tennis coaches. Warwick Bashford is renowned as much for his dedication to the principles of excellence as he is for his tennis coaching accomplishments. He is recognized worldwide as an uncompromising perfectionist who settles for nothing but the best. A visionary and a thought leader, his impeccable set of values, stringent regimen of health and fitness, and insistence on quality, have earned him admiration the world over.

"What began as a commitment to helping individuals improve their tennis performance, has also grown into transforming the qualities of people’s lives, whether it being peak performance athletes, coaches, celebrities and entertainers, teachers, youths, parents and businesses."

Born in South Africa and educated in London, England, Warwick began his career in tennis on the European Circuits. He soon learned his real interest was in the technical, psychological and physical intricacies of the game, which in turn, lead him to spending more time coaching than playing.

Warwick has spent the past 25 years gaining valuable experience, traveling & learning from legends around the globe – the late Harry Hopman (AUS), Nick Bollettieri (US), Jean Claude Labout (FR), Robert Lansdorp (US) and Bob Brett (AUS)

Warwick Bashford, has been cited as a mental toughness expert & coach in countless media including CNBC, FOX, The Miami Herald, The Boston Globe, and many others, also author of the book “10 second Tune Up”, a guide to shift your mindset & excel.

Founder & Creator of Tennis Mental Toughness™ coaching, and Championship Mindset™ online interactive training, serving hundreds of clients from 4 continents around the globe.

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Tennis Mental Toughness Coach to World Class Players:

I have had the privilege to personally coach the following ATP & WTA world ranked players. I continue to develop players both locally and internationally. It is an amazing honor and journey that will remain close to my heart forever. I look forward to meeting YOU on the court some day!

warbag 2Marcos BAGHDATIS – (Cyprus) Career best ranking ATP tour # 8. At age 17, Marcos was the # 6 Junior ITF player in the world. Within 6 months of working with me, Marcos become # 1 with a Junior Grand Slam victory in Melbourne, Australia. Helping Marcos discovery his true personality on and off the court was very fulfilling. Marcos has a wonderful personality and is a very hard worker when focused.

Copy of Amelie 5Amelie MAURESMO – (France) Former WTA tour # 1. At age 17, Amelie was the # 1 Junior ITF player in the world. With a WTA ranking somewhere in the 400’s, Amelie came to me with a big vision. When I told her she could become # 1 in the world, she looked at me and said, “Nobody ever told me that!” Within 18 months, Amelie had beaten Wimbledon Champion, Jana Navotna and the then WTA # 2 player in the world, Lindsay Davenport. Amelie is an amazing individual and a true ambassador to the sport of tennis. Thank you Amelie.

Magda copyMagdalena GRYZBOWSKA – (Poland) Career best ranking, WTA tour # 30
Magda asked for my help during the red clay court session in Europe. Ranked just outside the top hundred in the world, Magda would have to play the qualifying rounds of the French Open to make the main draw. Beating the then up and coming Italian player Francesca Schiavone in the last round of qualifying, Magda reached the third round of the main draw against all odds. Magda had never won a match on the red clay of Paris. A true champion and a never die attitude who is too beautiful to be playing tennis. An amazing woman.

Sandrine 2Sandrine TESTUD – (France) Career best ranking WTA tour # 7
Sandrine approached me when she was just outside the top 10 in the world and wanted to qualify for the year end Masters Championships which at that time was in NYC. (Only 8 spots were available) It was in Filderstadt, Germany where Sandrine would realize her dream and qualify for the masters. Having never gotten past the first round in 7 previous attempts, Sandrine won the tournament beating Serena Williams in the semi’s and the then WTA # 1 player in the world, Lindsey Davenport in the final match. A very determined woman who graced the courts with her elegant strokes and personality.

Michael 2Michael CHANG – (USA) Career best ranking ATP tour # 2
It was at the young age of 15 when I (a rookie coach at the time) had the privilege of working with Michael. I was the assistant coach for Jean Claude Labout, a French ‘genie’ of a coach based in Paris, France. While Jean Claude was asked to prepare Michael for the red clay courts of Paris, I become one of the sparring partners and translator which later spring – boarded my professional tennis coaching career. Michael went on to win the French Open the following year at the young age of 16.

Irena 2Irena SELYUTINA (Kazakhstan) Career best ranking WTA tour # 31
Irena asked for my help when she was struggling to maintain her singles ranking within the top 100. Within a few months, Irena was back in the hunt and was then able to play in the big events without qualifying. When Irena realized that future sacrifices needed to stay on top, deep down Irena knew it was not her top priority in life and more importantly wanted to settle down and start a family. You can only respect her honesty and integrity. A beautiful human being.

AG 3Anne Gaelle SIDOT (France) Career best ranking WTA tour # 11
Anne Gaelle asked me to help her understand what it would take to reach the top 10 in the world. At the time, A.G was hovering around the top 30’s. Upon an honest realization that her priorities were elsewhere, Anne Gaelle decided to pursue other interests outside of tennis. In my opinion, A.G. was the most talented of her generation. However, talent is never only enough.

Marlene 2Marlene WEINGARTNER – (Germany) Career best ranking WTA tour # 34
I was approached by Marlene' father when she was struggling to find her form both technically and emotionally. It was in Melbourne, Australia and Miami, Florida where Marlene got her break through, beating the then WTA players # 6 Jeniffer Capriati, # 18 Amanda Coetzer and # 14 Eleni Daniilidou. Marlene is a bright, intelligent and cultured person who was a pleasure to work with.

"Mental toughness is like a muscle. It needs to be consistently worked to grow and develop. If you haven’t pushed yourself in thousands of small ways, of course you’ll wilt when things get really difficult." - Warwick Bashford 

More Testimonials:

I was recently introduced to Warwick Bashford by a mutual friend who is also involved with our local tennis community.  Immediately after talking to Warwick I was thoroughly impressed by his extensive knowledge and experience of not only the game but the industry.

He has coached on the professional level, specifically, the ATP  and WTA tour. He has taught privately, in clubs, schools and colleges and also has extensive management experience.

I have been involved in tennis for nearly thirty years.  I have taught, played competitively in college and now have kids that are involved at a very high level.  I know and have worked in some shape or form with a number of the coaches and teachers.

In my opinion, Warwick brings the experience, knowledge and passion required to develop players into their true potential. He is the total package.

Ron Kammerer - Longmont, CO.

Owner at Grouse Mountain Medical, Inc

Responsible for the Laboratory of Bio-mechanics & Physiology of Human Movement, Warwick was a great help in assisting me over a period of 2 years regarding, Nutritional, Technical, Movement, Strength & Velocity training and counseling with young athletes. Warwick Bashford has the singular & essential talent that it takes to be a successful coach at any level.

Chris Hausswirth - Paris, France.

National Institute of Sport 

Events & Workshops:

Celebrity Events: Classic Tour - Hanging out with Monsor Bahrami and 5 time Wimbledon Champion Bjorn Borg. Porto Vecchio - France

Speaking Events: Maximize Your Business - Gary Barnes, (The Traction Coach) Myself & Ruben Gonzalez (4 x Olympian). Denver - Colorado

Speaking Events: Gary Barnes, (The Traction Coach) and myself with James Malinchak (Secret Millionaire on ABC & Big Money Speaker). Denver - Colorado

Workshops: Tennis Mental Toughness with Ken Caryl Ranch team in Littleton - Colorado

Tennis Events: Hanging out with Nick Bollettieri (Legendary Tennis Coach) Miami Tennis Open, Key Biscayne - Florida


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