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An artist in his own time, Warwick Bashford has achieved the kind of worldwide acclaim reserved for only a handful of tennis coaches. Warwick is renowned as much for his dedication to the principles of excellence as he is for his tennis coaching accomplishments. He is recognized worldwide as an uncompromising perfectionist who settles for nothing but the best. A visionary and a thought leader, his impeccable set of values, stringent regimen of health and fitness, and insistence on quality, have earned him admiration the world over.

“What began as a commitment to helping individuals improve their tennis performance, has also grown into transforming the qualities of people’s lives, whether it being peak performance athletes, coaches, celebrities and entertainers, teachers, youths, parents and businesses.”

Born in South Africa and educated in London, England, Warwick began his career in tennis on the European Circuits. He soon learned his real interest was in the technical, psychological and physical intricacies of the game, which in turn, lead him to spending more time coaching than playing.

Warwick has spent the past 25 years gaining valuable experience, traveling & learning from legends around the globe – the late Harry Hopman (AUS), Nick Bollettieri (US), Jean Claude Labout (FR), Robert Lansdorp (US) and Bob Brett (AUS)

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Warwick Bashford, has been cited as a mental toughness expert & coach in countless media including CNBC, FOX, The Miami Herald, The Boston Globe, and many others. Author of forthcoming book “10 second Tune Up”, a guide to tweak your mindset & excel.